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Rusty Elmo is a future version of Elmo. He makes his only appearance in Elmo’s Apocalypse.


Rusty Elmo was born 5 years after the original timeline, when Anti-Elmo has taken over the city and as a result, Elmo started to turn rusty(hence his name) and lost some of his parts. However, he was soon able to retrieve his parts by melting his memory cube back together. He then enabled his Insaneotron Mode, which removed the rust on his body and turning him into Shiny Elmo.


Rusty Elmo is an older version of the original Elmo. However, he is missing his foot, the side of his ribcage, and his back panel. As a result of losing his rib piece, his torso leans on the side where the gap is located. He is unable to walk properly, and has a limp.


Because he is the original Elmo, but older, he retains his younger self’s personality. However, he appears to smarter.


Rusty Elmo doesn’t have much abilities, as he is in bad condition. However, he can generate heat from his body.

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