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Grover is the tritagonist of Elmo's Country 2 and 3. He helps Elmo and Jack find evil Muppet Bots, as well as Muppet Bots that can help them.


Grover was most likely one of Elmo's assistants. But when Elmo decided to become an enslaver, Grover didn't know whose side to be on. After Elmo was reprogrammed, however, Grover entered the factory and stumbled upon Zoe, accidentally reactivating her. She then proceeds to eat Grover. Half a year later, police raid the factory and find Grover's severed head. Later, Jack and Elmo head to the factory, and rebuild Grover's body. After defeating Zoe, Grover helps them find the cause as to why someone's harming them(Oscar).


Grover is a blue Muppet with a red lower lip. Unlike Elmo or Cookie, his eyes don't have any eyebrows. His body's interior is very flexible, and he uses this to fight.


Grover is proven to be very smart, such as when he downloads info on all Muppets to his memory core. But sometimes he can be a bit unstable, such as when he shouts "I do not believe you! Ahhhh!" Grover is proven to be slightly off, such as when he explains his "dramatic awakening" while in "??????????".  


Grover has shown the ability to kick open doors, and download info to his brain without any effort. He lacks physical strength, which is his weakness.

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