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Anti-Elmo is the reformed main antagonist of Elmo's Country 2 and 3. He is the opposite of Elmo.


Anti-Elmo was originally created from the slavery memories, whenever they're not inside Elmo's body. This caused him to destroy Proto-Elmo, and he reverted back to memory cube state after exploding. 10 years later, after Jack defeats Elmo, Anti-Elmo is rebuilt by parasitizing Zoe, bringing him and her back to life. But after Zoe is destroyed, his body is rebuilt enough for him to live without a host. Anti-Elmo still controls Oscar the Grouch, however, and when Anti-Elmo's body is defeated, he directly controls Oscar's body. But Oscar is defeated also, causing Anti-Elmo's body to become a metal husk, until it's revived by Jack. Now Anti-Elmo is known as Elmo 2.0, and lives in Elmo's factory.


Anti-Elmo is a color swap of the original Elmo. His fur is green, his nose is blue, and his eyes are black with white pupils. He has a golden endoskeleton without his fur, and his eyes glow red. However, his endoskeleton is red chrome in Elmo's Country 1/2. He has a single memory cube in his back.


Because he is made of Elmo's slavery memories, he acted tyrannical, just like how Elmo used to. But when his memories were taken out, he became just like the original Elmo.


Anti-Elmo has a strange trait: he has the ability to take a fragment of his memory cube off and put it in other Muppets' bodies, allowing him to control them. He also has an uncanny fighting ability similar to that of the original Elmo.

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