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Proto-Elmo is the deuteragonist of Elmo's Country 1/2. He is Jerry's invention and the prototype version of Elmo.


Proto-Elmo started off as a metal humanoid. But over time, Jerry built Proto-Elmo into what he was then. Proto-Elmo was proven to be powerful; he even stopped a robber from raiding Jerry's house. When he and said Jerry go into the factory, the Boss catches them, and Jerry gives a speech on how he built Proto-Elmo, leading to a revolution. However, it was very short-lived, as Anti-Elmo and Proto-Elmo fight, resulting in the latter's deactivation/destruction and the former's reversion into cube form.


Proto-Elmo looks similar to his modern-day descendant; however, he is described as looking like an alien, because his skull is weirdly shaped.


Proto-Elmo is a prototype of the modern-day Elmo, thus he shares Elmo’s personality traits with him. However, he is much more sneaky.


Proto-Elmo has a vast fighting ability; however, his fighting style is more makeshift/free-flowing than Elmo. He also has a built-in bomb blaster.

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