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The Future is a time era in Elmo’s Apocalypse.


Jack and Elmo visit the future during the events of Elmo’s Apocalypse. It is described as being grim, sepia, and having malfunctioning Muppet Bots everywhere. When Jack and Elmo first visit the future, they land atop a pile of trash, and use some old robes to disguise themselves as citizens. Meanwhile, an older version of Jack and Elmo are living in an underground bunker. Elmo 2 is severely sick that day, prompting Adult Jack and Rusty Elmo to look for his parts, so he can get back to fighting Anti-Elmo. They end up finding Cookie Monster, and Hybrid’s amnesiac body along the way. They use Hybrid’s body to resurrect Elmo 2, who had deactivated prior to the search. Finally, after Rusty Elmo regains his parts, he enables his Insaneotron Mode once again, allowing him to become Shiny Elmo. He and HyMo go to fight Anti-Elmo, while Jack and Elmo from the present have built a device known as the Negative Energy Shutdown Mechanism, or NESM for short. The NESM’s power, along with Shiny Elmo knocking Anti-Elmo down, destroys Anti-Elmo’s body. However, his spirit infects the city’s code, and the Author shows up to counter Anti-Elmo’s forces. The entire town is blasted by lightning in the process, seemingly ending the apocalypse-like future and creating an alternate universe, where Jack has become a Grover skeleton(with HyJack’s skin and clothes) and Elmo is eternally on fire. After the events of said lightning, nobody can remember what happened in the other universe, implying that it was a lightning-induced vision that lasted for a few days.

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