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Elmo is the titular character of the Elmo's Country film series. As his name implies, he is based off the Muppet character.


Elmo was first used as an automated actor. But he put slavery memories in his back after falling and discovering a box under the table, turning him evil. Soon, Elmo found an abandoned factory and used it as a hideout. But Jackson Grey found him. Jack tried to stop Elmo one time, but Elmo was just knocked out. But on the second time, Jack made Elmo comatose for 5 months. After that, Elmo woke up, and his reign of enslaving resumed. But Jack stopped him. But Elmo was fake. He was actually in a different factory. Jack manages to shut Elmo off, and reprogram him, turning Elmo good. Another half a year later, Elmo lives with Jack. But Zoe, who was killed in the first film, comes back to life. She seeks revenge on Jack, and Elmo is on his side now, so she considers Elmo a traitor. So Jack brings some more Muppets to life, specifically Grover and Cookie Monster. Now that there's more on his team, they fight Zoe, and translate a German message meaning "You know she'll eat you, right?" However, an evil clone of Elmo named "Anti-Elmo" is created. Jack has to defeat him with a wooden machete. They also defeat Zoe, ending her eating spree. But their problems aren't over. Elmo still has to defeat Oscar the Grouch, after being knocked out by him. They bring even more Muppets to life, which would be Snuffy and Big Bird. They get to Oscar's office to find that Anti-Elmo is controlling Oscar. They defeat Anti-Elmo, and then they defeat Oscar, who still had Anti-Elmo's presence inside him. They bring Anti-Elmo back to life, however, and he becomes good instead of evil. 


Elmo is a red, furry Muppet with an orange nose, and purple eyelids. He also has black eyebrows that hover above his head. However, without his fur, he looks like a combo of Terminator and Iron Man Hulkbuster. He has teeth that show without his fur, and glowing green eyes that were formerly red, and a "helmet-shaped" skull. His bones are silver and metal, and he has boot-like feet. 


Elmo was born as good-hearted and optimistic. But when he put the memories in his back, he became cruel and oppressive. Jack managed to restore Elmo's former personality by reprogramming him. Now Elmo is aware that he is a robot, and sometimes he breaks the fourth wall by mentioning that he's a robot.


Elmo is shown to have a vast ability of strength. He is able to go to a place known as "?????????" when knocked out. He also knows how to get out of the place, too. He possesses vast fighting abilities, albeit  not being able to defeat Jack when he was evil.

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