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Oscar is a character in Elmo’s Country 3 and 4. He is the brainwashed main antagonist.


Oscar grew up in Grouchland after he was manufactured in a factory, and moved back to the factory, where Elmo lives. He is implied to have helped Elmo with enslaving humans, but after Elmo was reformed, he was apparently taken over by Anti-Elmo. However, Jack defeats him. After becoming a zombie, he controls Elmo 2 into becoming Anti-Elmo, as Anti-Elmo still controls Oscar. He eventually transfers his memories to Hyrbid, and attempts to defeat Jack and Elmo. However, inside the datascape, Cookie stops it by snapping its neck, incapacitating them. Oscar apears one last time in Elmo’s Country 5, where he is revealed to have been freed from Anti-Elmo’s control after Hybrid was made.


Oscar is a green Muppet Bot, who was once orange. He has a brown unibrow (formerly black) and rides in a trash can. His trash can has a joystick, which he uses to steer it. His metal skeleton looks exactly like that of Anti-Elmo, even having the same golden color.


Because he is controlled by Anti-Elmo, he has the same personality. Not much is revealed about his real personality.


Oscar doesn’t demonstrate many abilities; however, he can use his wheelchair as a vehicle.

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