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Snuffy is a character in Elmo's Country 3. He is a supporting member of the cast.


Snuffy was the first on the list of Muppets Bots to revive. However, his voicebox was damaged, causing his speech to sound gibberish and glitchy. Jack fixed this easily by attaching another voicebox to his neck. Other than that, Snuffy doesn't have any big roles.


Snuffy is the only Muppet Bot based on an animal in the team. He is big, brown, and covered in "wool" that looks like a woman's wig.


Snuffy is good-meaning, without an  evil bone in his body. Other than that, there's not that much detail.


Snuffy hasn't shown any special talents, although it's assumed that he's able to pick up stuff with his trunk and fling it.

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