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Jack is the secondary protagonist of the Elmo's Country franchise. He is a human teenager who is sixteen years old.


When Jack was a young boy, he found a machete that gives its wielder a destiny, strength, and the ability to win any battle. The machete was in a rock when he found it. He decided that, under the influence of the machete, he would become a defender of Earth. Six years later, he still carried the machete when Elmo attacked. But Jack won every battle, because no matter how much he was knocked down, he would always get back up again. Now Jack and Elmo live peacefully in Jack's apartment building.


Jack wears an unzipped green fleece jacket, with the collar folded. He also wears a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of old grey shoes.


Jack is very smart, and likes to build machines. He is also a wisecracker sometimes. But there are times when he gets serious, such as when he and Elmo fight Zoe. He is very encouraging, and likes to eat fried chicken with mashed potatoes.


Jack is keen with melee fighting.

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