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Cookie Monster, more simply known as Cookie, is the fourth protagonist in the Elmo's Country series.


Cookie Monster used to be Elmo's martial arts partner, and they did practice fights. But one day, Elmo hit him too hard, sending him flying into Cookie Lake. Half a year later, Elmo and Jack find his robotic body using a fishing rod. Jack brings Cookie back to life. At first he doesn't remember anything. But soon, after the events of the second film, he seems to remember his past. Later in the third film, he tries to fight Anti-Elmo, but is mortally damaged and temporarily deactivates. But Jack uses his machete to conduct electricity back into Cookie's body. Now he lives with Jack and the others.


Cookie is colored light blue, and wears a cookie jar graphic shirt. He also wears cookie running shoes(which aren't made of cookies). He wears a pair of brown pants. He is potbellied and tall, and his eyes are dented and permanently crossed.


Cookie Monster is always in good spirits. But he is a little dumb when it comes to speech, such as when he says "youself" instead of "you", or "fwink" instead of "think". He has a tendency to eat many cookies, hence his name. He also says "sowy" instead of "sorry".


Cookie is very good at combat, and shows this while fighting Elmo. He can lift things with ease, and has even shown the ability to drive.

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