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The Alternate Universe is a location of Anti-Elmo’s Insanity Fun. It was created by the Author.


The AU was created when Anti-Elmo attempted to infect the city with his spirit. The Author then countered this by striking the city with lightning. The blast, combined with Anti-Elmo’s interference with the city’s code, caused a lighting-induced vision to be created, where Elmo is eternally on fire, and Jack is Grover’s skeleton, wearing HyJack’s skin. HyJack and Flaming Elmo soon meet up, and they reunite the Mutated Muppet bots. However, by the time Flaming Elmo and HyJack fight Frozen Elmo, the vision caused by the lightning starts to wear off. By the time Flaming Elmo grabs Frozen Elmo, the vision completely wears off, and everything is back to normal. Jack, who is now a teen again, is unfazed by this, and goes to get some KFC to “recover.”

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