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Anti-Zoe is an overall antagonist of Elmo’s Country. She is a clone of Zoe who is overrun with arrogance.


Anti-Zoe was formed after the original became Elmo’s secretary, bodyguard, and warrior. At first her prescence didn’t affect Zoe’s personality, but when Zoe started working for Elmo all the time, she basically let Anti-Zoe use her as a host. After she is resurrected, Anti-Elmo secretly puts some of his memory inside Zoe, making Anti-Zoe even stronger than before. However, in the last installment, Anti-Zoe literally emerges from nowhere after HyJack is defeated. Jack manages to destroy Anti-Zoe, and Zoe becomes good.


Anti-Zoe looks similar to the original; however, her eyes are black with white pupils, and she has purple fur. When she is deactivated, it is revealed that she had been carrying the original Zoe’s body inside her own body.


Because she is a copy of Zoe, she acts exactly like the original. However, she is slower than Zoe.


Anti-Zoe most likely has the same abilties as Zoe; however, her physical form doesn’t talk for some reason.

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