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Oscar’s Can is a location in Elmo’s Country 5. It is where Elmo and HyJack battle during the final phase.


Oscar’s Can is stumbled upon accidentally after Elmo and HyJack are plowed through a wall. HyJack attempts to deactivate Elmo here, but Oscar somehow escapes Anti-Elmo’s control, and destroys HyJack’s brain. However, HyJack reanimates, revealing it doesn’t need a brain, as it is controlled by Zoe and Anti-Elmo(it’s implied that Anti-Zoe is in control). However, Jerry, who had disguised as Sweetums prior to this for unknown reasons, rips off HyJack’s head. Jack manages to save them all from being attacked a third time by Anti-Zoe, who is revealed to have been carrying the original Zoe(with a theory assuming that the evil Zoe is an impostor). Jack reprograms Zoe, and shortly afterward, Oscar reveals that they all fell into his house somehow, to everyone’s confusion and laughter.

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