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Hybrid is an amalgamation of Zoe, Clono-Oscar, and Anti-Elmo. It was created as a new body for Zoe, and Clono-Oscar. However, it is unknown why Anti-Elmo joined them, as Oscar was still controlled by Anti-Elmo.


Hybrid was apparently built by Anti-Elmo, who helped Zoe and Clono-Oscar. After abandoning their old bodies, the three take control of Hybrid, and fight Elmo. After Elmo launches it into the sky, however, Hybrid falls into Jack’s old lab, where Cookie attempts to deactivate it. Cookie manages to temporarily take control of Hybrid, but its body malfunctions, which temporarily kills Jack. It is unknown what happens to Hybrid after that, as Zoe and Clono-Oscar use Jackborg’s body.


Hybrid is described as a massive robot. Its upper torso is split into two sections: one for Zoe, and the other for Clono-Oscar. They appear to be stitched together, and its torso and head are split down the middle. Its waist is split horizontally, and it has a pair of green legs, which belonged to Anti-Elmo.


Because the real Oscar doesn’t control it, only Anti-Elmo and Zoe’s personalities are active, as Clono-Oscar is simply an internal clone of the former. However, Hybrid is shown to have a faker personality, and is also arrogant, a trait of Zoe’s. It is also short-tempered, like Anti-Elmo.


As a result of 2 personalities inside the robot, it has a vast fighting ability, and even knows martial arts, thanks to Anti-Elmo being Elmo 2 for some time.

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