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Elmo’s Country is the eponymous location of the Elmo’s Country franchise. It is also home to Elmo 2 (formerly the original Elmo).


Elmo’s Country was originally called the Animatronics Factory(no pun intended). However, a certain incident caused it to become abandoned for ten years, almost. It was then renamed “Elmo’s World.” Elmo ended up finding it, under the influence of Anti-Elmo, and renamed it “Elmo’s Country” after claiming it. He then made a few drastic changes, like painting it with graffiti, and making the sky look grim. But the most notable change is the removal of the machinery, which was replaced with an assembly line operated by enslaved humans. Eventually, Jack found Elmo, and defeated him. Elmo then presumably released the humans, and cleaned up the factory. However, Zoe and Anti-Elmo temporarily transform it into a fighting arena to fight Elmo and Jack with. The factory is not mentioned after that until the end of Elmo’s Country 3, when Elmo cleans it up again. It is also where they land after Oscar kicks them out of The Dump Hangout. Finally, it is where the original Elmo 2 is deactivated by Zombie Oscar.


The factory is composed of multiple locations, but the most common is a large, deteriorating building. The interior has an assembly line, composed entirely of humans. There is a stage-like platform where the “driver” stands to whip them. Next to it is two doors; one leads outside, and the other to Elmo’s office. The office itself has a sofa, computer, and a smashed television, which Elmo (formerly) used to watch the news on. There is a path leading to a parking lot, which is guarded by the gatekeeper. The gatekeeper was originally going to have a major role: there was going to be two gatekeepers, and the actual booth would be a single hallway connecting two rooms. The gatekeepers themselves were scared of the dark, so they left the lights on before going to sleep(that was where they lived). But Jack used this to his advantage: he turned off the power, leaving them in the dark and running into each other. There is also a large patch of grass, which is where he and Elmo fought. The gate is designed to look haunted, and has neon glowing letters reading the factory’s name. There is a dark forest on the outside of the gate, which is where you drive in from.


  • Its name is a pun on Elmo’s World.

  • It is named after Elmo.

    • Despite being called an animatronic factory, robots were made there.

  • There is no actual machinery in the factory.

    • The only machinery present is a large screen playing a song called “My Candy, Yeah,” which is intended to drive the humans insane and brainwash them.

  • It has a CCTV system set up inside it.

  • It is the first location in the franchise.

  • There is a replica of it called Elmo’s Second Country.

  • It is currently the only location where an entire story takes place, the only exception being The Realm Of The Deactivated.

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