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Adult Jack is a character and the deuteragonist of Elmo’s Apocalypse. He is also technically the protagonist of Anti-Elmo’s Insanity Fun.


Adult Jack is 5 years older than his teen counterpart. He has apparently witnessed Anti-Elmo destroy the city, and one day decides to stop him. He helps Rusty Elmo find his parts, which allow him to enable his Insaneotron Mode, and the newly-born Shiny Elmo goes to fight Anti-Elmo. He then resurrects Elmo 2, who is renamed HyMo, after Hybrid’s body. HyMo and Shiny Elmo fight Anti-Elmo; this, combined with the power of the NESM, shut down his body, and he seemingly is destroyed. However, his spirit infects the city after a mysterious lightning bolt strikes in front of the factory. Soon, Anti-Elmo attempts to take over the city, but the Author is alerted, and summons a powerful lightning blast, which creates another universe(and seemingly destroys the Adult Jack).


Adult Jack is very similar to his counterpart; however, he is older than him and his outfit is faded from time. He also has a beard.


Adult Jack acts the same as his younger counterpart; however, he is apparently wiser than that of the other.


Adult Jack retains his ability to fight, and has a knowledge of machine parts and fencing.

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