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Jack’s Apartment is a location in Elmo’s Country. It is Jack’s main base of operations.


Jack’s Apartment debuted at the end of Elmo’s Country 2, where it is introduced as his new house to avoid newshounds. It also appears in Elmo’s Country 3, where it is revealed to be located in the third floor. In Elmo’s Country 4, Jack is revealed to have installed a dumbwaiter inside it, which is a small elevator that leads to a secret lab. Other than that, it has no big roles.


The apartment is, as the name suggests, a medium-sized apartment building where Jack and Elmo reside. It has a chandelier, a kitchen, and a living room. On the outside is a door leading to the roof, and a staircase going to the yard, where Elmo and Cookie occasionally practice-fight. There is also a garage where Jack keeps his SUV. The Lab is described as being massive, and even has a replica of ENIAC, a supercomputer the size of a living room.


  • Its other rooms are never described.

  • It is also the first location of Elmo’s Country 3 and 4.

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