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Big Bird is a character in Elmo's Country. He provides comic relief in the third film and the origin's origin.


Big Bird was originally an antagonist of Elmo's Country. But he was detonated, resulting in his deactivation. One year later, Jack and Elmo rebuild his body. After they're done reviving him, he "thanks" them by detonating, sending them to the black space and allowing them to see who's attacking them. Later in the origin's origin, at the grocery store, Big Bird crashes into a soda cooler, and falls off a shelf trying to eat a packet of sunflower seeds.


Big Bird is a giant human-like yellow canary, as his name suggests. Apart from Snuffy, he is based off an animal. He has pink eyelids, and his feet are orange with magenta bands around them.


Big Bird has a goodhearted personality, but also likes to do fun stuff. He has provided comic relief by saying things like "Do not detonate yourself. It's painful."


Big Bird can detonate himself by eating a seed, creating a fuse on top of his head.

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