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The 01/05/2002 episode of The Weakest Link was a music industry special. The contestants were musicians Shola Ama, Carol Decker, Billy Bragg, and Suzi Quatro; opera singer Lesley Garrett; DJs Spoony and Dave Lee Travis; journalist Paul Rees; and promoter Mark Rodol.

In the first round, the team banked £3,250. Ama was correctly identified as the weakest link (and thereby eliminated), with Quatro the strongest.

In the second round, the team banked £1,200. Brodal was the weakest link, with Decker the strongest - however DJ Spoony was voted out. 

In the third round, the team baked £1,600. Travis was the strongest player. Rees was the weakest link, and was duly eliminated. 

In the fourth round, the team banked £350. Travis was now the weakest player, with Bragg the strongest, but Rodol was eliminated.

In the fifth round, the team banked £750. Quatro was the weakest, Bragg again the strongest. Decker, however, was chosen to leave.

In the sixth round, the team banked £1,750. Garrett was the weakest player, Travis the strongest - nevertheless, Travis was evicted. 

In the seventh round, the team banked £500. Quatro was the weakest player, Bragg the strongest - however Garrett was eliminated.

In the final cash building round, Bragg and Quatro netted £800, which was trebled to make a final prize pot of £11,800.

In the head to head round, Bragg, the previous round’s strongest player, chose to go first, and defeated Quatro 3-0. 

Bragg’s charity was the Medical Foundation For The Care Of Victims Of Torture.

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