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First broadcast on November 24th 2018, Season 11, Episode 20 of Pointless Celebrities was a music special (though the questions were of a standard general knowledge theme). The teams were:

Slim Jim of the Stray Cats and Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols; singers Toyah Willcox and Sonique; Brian McFadden of Westlife and Keith Duffy of Boyzone; and folk musicians Ralph McTell and Barbara Dixon.

Round one’s theme was TV chefs. Willcox ensured her team’s early departure by misremembering the name of chef Angela Hartnett. 

Round two’s theme was six letter words, with categories including Numbers 1-100 and US Presidents. Slim Jim found the episode’s one pointless answer in the latter (Franklin Pierce), and McTell and Dixon came up short.

Round three pitted Jim/Matlock against McFadden/Duffy. After trading wins, the team of Slim Jim and Glen Matlock triumphed in a Nothing-themed round with the answer “Jean Paul Sartre”. 

In the final, Matlock and Slim Jim chose to answer questions on Movie Dames. Tasked with naming three Barbara Winsor films, they came close to a pointless answer with “Sparrows Can’t Sing”, but ended up with a score of two. 

Each finalist won £500 for their chosen charities - The Alzheimer’s Society (Matlock) and The One Campaign (Slim Jim).

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