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The Chase is a British quiz show broadcast on ITV from 2009 to present. Hosted by Bradley Walsh, The Chase pits four strangers against an expert quizzer.

Each contestant must build cash by answering trivia questions, gaining £1,000 for the prize pot with each correct answer. They must then face the Chaser, one of five in-house experts, in a multiple choice round.

The contestants are given three monetary values to compete for: the amount earned on the cash builder, or a higher or lower option, taking the player one step closer to or further from the Chaser respectively.

Contestants start at the top end of a board and must reach the bottom “home” square by answering multiple choice questions. Should the contestant fail to answer a question with the Chaser answers correctly, the Chaser gains ground on them, and if they are caught, they are eliminated.

Any contestant who reaches the other end of the board banks their money. After all four participants have played, they enter the Final Chase. Contestants have two minutes to answer rapid fire questions. They build up a series of steps; the Chaser must then catch them by answering the same number of questions.

Should the Chaser fail to correctly answer a question, it is thrown over to the contestants, who then have a chance to “push back” the Chaser. If the Chaser cannot catch the team, they win the money and split it equally.


Celebrity Episodes

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Season Two

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