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First broadcast on November 11th 2011, Season 1, Episode 3 of The Chase featured mathematician Carol Vorderman, journalist Paul Ross, actress Sue Cleaver, and comedian John Thomson. The chaser was Mark Labbett.

The celebrities were playing for the Cleft Lip & Palette Association (Vorderman), Children With Cancer UK (Ross), When You Wish Upon A Star (Cleaver), and Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (Thomson). In the cash builder round, they netted £5,000, £8,000, £4,000, and £8,000 respectively.

All four contestants made it back to the final chase, with Vorderman and Cleaver taking what they had earned, and Ross and Thomson successfully claiming higher offers of £40,000 and £51,000 respectively.

With a total pot of £100,000 at stake, the team managed to give a solid 22 correct answers in the final chase. By his own admission, Labbett had an unimpressive performance throughout the episode, and the team took the win with ease.

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