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First broadcast on January 18th 2019, Episode 5 of the 2018/19 season of Celebrity Mastermind featured rugby player Maggie Alphonsi, actor Joe Thomas, food writer Jay Rayner, and musician Ana Matronic.

The celebrities’ charities of choice were the Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre (Alphonsi); the Young Concern Trust (Thomas); The Food Chain (Rayner); and Chrysalis (Matronic).

Their specialist subjects were Denise Lewis (Alphonsi); George Orwell (Thomas); The musicals of Arthur Freed (Rayner); and Bionic Woman (Matronic). The celebrities achieved scores of 3, 8, 5, and 10 respectively.

In the general knowledge round, Alphonsi was first to play and scored 6. Rayner followed with a score of 10, then Thomas and Matronic with scores of 10 and 8 respectively.

Thomas and Matronic therefore tied on points with 18. Thomas was declared the winner, having passed on two questions to Matronic’s four.

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