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Amol Rajan (born 4 July 1983) is an Indian-born British journalist. He is currently employed as the BBC’s media editor, a position he has held since December 2016. In this capacity he has presented Radio 4’s The Media Show and BBC One’s The One Show.

Prior to his work with the BBC he was editor of The Independent newspaper from June 2013 to shortly after its retirement as a print entity in February 2016. He had worked as a journalist for the same paper, and prior to that was a presenter on The Wright Stuff.

Rajan married Charlotte Faircloth, an academic, in 2013. He has not believed in any god since the age of 15.

Quiz Show Appearances

  • Celebrity Mastermind, 2018/19 series Episode 1 - Rajan appeared alongside Reverend Richard Coles, drag performer Courtney Act, and gardener Mark Lane. HHis specialist subject was Shane Warne. Rajan finished in second place.

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