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Hilary Robert Jones (born 19 June 1953) is an English doctor and television presenter. He qualified as a doctor in 1976, becoming a full time principal GP in 1982, and later a GP trainer in 1987. 

Jones’ on-screen career began in 1987, when he became medical advisor for shows such as GMTV, and later Good Morning Britain. He has also made appearances on Steve Wright’s radio show, filling a similar position.

Jones wrote a medical column for News Of The World, until the paper’s 2011 hacking-based disgrace and eventual closure. He has written over five books.

Quiz Show Appearances

  • The Chase, Season Three Episode One (05/10/2013) - Jones was part of a winning team which included impressionist Jon Culshaw and journalist Charlotte Jackson. Jones raised £6,000 on his cash builder, which he successfully brought back to the team, despite needling from Chaser Paul Sinha, who was amused by the qualified doctor putting in the least impressive performance.

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