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First broadcast on October 5th 2013, Season 3, Episode 1 of The Chase featured Dr Hilary Jones, actress Tina Malone, journalist Charlotte Jackson, and impressionist Jon Culshaw. The chaser was Paul Sinha.

The celebrities were playing for the Matt Hampson Foundation (Jones), the Gary Miller Trust (Malone), Barnardos (Jackson), and Starlight Children’s Foundation (Culshaw). In the cash builder round, they netted £6,000, £8,000, £8,000, and £7,000 respectively.

All four contestants made it back to the final chase, with Jones and Malone taking what they had earned, while Jackson surprisingly opted for the lower offer of £3,000. Culshaw, last to play, took a risk on the high offer of £83,000.

With a total pot of £100,000 at stake, the team managed to give a disappointing 16 correct answers in the final chase. However, after timely pushbacks from Jones and Malone, this proved enough to beat the chaser.

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