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Catchphrase is a British game show which has aired on ITV since 1986, with occasional breaks. The current format is presented by disgraced magician Stephen Mulhern.

Catchphrase sees three contestants playing against one another to guess the answers to picture clues. A large screen will display a cryptic clue to a “catchphrase” - usually a common saying but sometimes the name of a film, song, or TV show. A correct answer will add an amount to the player’s prize pot. 

A correct answer will grant access to the bonus catchphrase, a standard clue obscured by nine squares (other shapes were used in previous versions). The contestant presses their buzzer to remove a square at random, and can then take a guess at the catchphrase. A correct answer will add a substantial amount to the prize pot.

In some variations of the show, the lowest performing player will be eliminated following the first round.

The process then repeats for two or more further rounds, with the money per correct answer increasing in each round. Some questions will also gain a spot prize for a correct answer.

The highest scoring player will then play the super catchphrase, a pyramid of five layers that they must climb by correctly identifying catchphrases. The current format is worth up to £50,000 (plus any money accrued over the show). Square 11 will also net the player a holiday. 

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