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The Weakest Link was a British quiz show broadcast primarily on BBC 2 from 2000-2012. Hosted by Anne Robinson, the show assembles nine contestants, who must work as a team to build up a prize pot, while voting off one of their fellow participants each round.

In each round, Robinson asks the players general knowledge questions in turn, with each correct answer adding a sum to the prize pot. The players climb a money tree, with each successive correct answer adding an increased amount to the pot. Players have the option of banking the money raised so far; an incorrect answer will lose any unbanked money.

At the end of each round, the players must vote on who they believe is the weakest link (i.e the worst performer). Whoever accumulates the most votes will leave the show, whether or not they were statistically the weakest link. The process then repeats, with 10 seconds taken off the clock in each instance.

The final two players enter a final round of cash building, with any funds accumulated in this round trebled. 

The two then enter a head to head penalty shoot out-style final round, answering questions back and forth in a Best Of Five format, with the winner taking the entire prize fund.

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