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Kolocampin was founded by a group of fishing enthusiasts, mechanics and travelers who together decided to form Kolocampin to solve their and many other adventurers ’frustrations about the lack of flexibility and the opportunity to stay overnight in beautiful places! That’s why Kolocamp partnered with experts to create and design a unique rooftop tent that allows anyone to travel and sleep wherever they want, without compromising on quality or comfort.

There are an tremendous kind of teltta obtainable today in one-of-a-kind styles and materials all made for one of a kind needs and environments. The sort of tent you want will rely on how and wherein you plan on the usage of it. What surroundings will or not it's used in; warm or cold, or rainy or dry? How many will be drowsing with you? Will you be carrying the tent to the campsite from a car or backpacking? Below is a brief study the distinctive styles and uses of tents in hopes to offer even the beginner an upper hand whilst looking to pick that ideal home faraway from domestic.

Traditional A-frame or ridge tent

A-body or ridge tent shape within the shape of an A whilst erected and have been used for years. They are commonly light with the aid of themselves however need an introduced tarp for climate protection which makes them heavy to carry round. Head room may be very restricted because of the steep sloping aspects and they are not very robust in strong winds. Typically they consist of poles at each stop with a unmarried one walking down the center and the tent material hung over the ridge. Keeping this general design in mind can work as a substitute well in the occasion you become stranded or lost within the backcountry and feature a poncho or different masking in which you can make a brief emergency refuge.

The changed A-body version utilizes curved poles rather than immediately poles allowing greater stability in winds and advanced head and indoors space. They even have a rain fly that permits you to go away the tarp at domestic making them lighter.

Dome tents

Dome tents appear with the aid of some distance to be the maximum popular these days. Look around any primitive campsite and you will see lots of dome fashion tents. Construction is rather genuinely accomplished with a number of flexible poles passing every other throughout the middle of the roof with their ends journeying right down to the bottom or floor of the tent. This production offers the tent with robust pressure making it smooth to transport after installation if wished, strong in strong winds and might deal with an excellent amount of snowstorm.

These tents additionally offer brilliant head room, spacious dwelling regions and might accommodate separate rooms or porches to store tools and system. They can healthy one man or woman to a massive circle of relatives and are clean to pitch and smooth to backpack with. The form makes it more warmness green and the rain-fly does a terrific activity maintaining the interior dry. The power and tension of the design does have a tendency to lower because the tent receives larger.

Geodesic tents

Geodesic tents get their name and shape from crisscrossing poles across the surface of the cloth intersecting to shape triangles. The tent layout mimics the identical geodesic design utilized in large dome homes nowadays. Using minimum cloth the layout offers for a big inflexible area dispensing the strain throughout the shape. The vital pole offers it additional power in high wind conditions and is very easy for one individual to installation. They are very warmth efficient and spacious but their most important gain is the high power and stability they offer. These tents are super in intense environments and are without problems carried by way of backpackers and mountain climbers.

Instant or brief pitch tents

Instant or short pitch tents definitely do erect themselves. They are built with a long coiled sprung body permanently connected into the tent material. You twist the frame into a round package to save the tent and sincerely unharness the coil to installation. They come complete with inner tents and might sleep a small family of four or 5 but they truly are only suitable for excellent weather conditions.

Inflatable tents

Inflatable tent's are enormously new in the marketplace and they're exactly as described. They have an air pump used to inflate the tent to its shape. When storing the tent you open the air valves and begin rolling the tent up from the side opposite the door opening pushing the air out through the door opening. Their benefit is one person can set the tent up and also you don't ought to deal with tent poles. Although self inflating slumbering pads may be carried into the backcountry, reliability of the air pump for those tent's might restriction backcountry use as well as its weight.

Tunnel tents

Tunnel tents make use bendy poles like dome tents developing even greater useable space for big households. Flexible poles are certain into semi-circles and stood up in a line to create a tunnel. Some tunnel tents do use inflexible poles to form their shape. They are capable of dropping heavy snow and are waterproof. Main use is for big families, kids play location, or at the same time as tents for pets. They provide great balance if pitched stop-on to oncoming winds however are very much less strong if winds alternate direction.

A few greater styles

Most of the closing kinds of tents available today are variations of the styles above. It appears manufactures and purchasers have this fascination with larger.

Vis-à-vis tents: Developed in France and based totally on a dome construction style with rooms introduced on. The large imperative room offers standing headroom with an annex room off every facet imparting smaller sleeping cubicles.

Pod-fashion: Some of the largest tents available today are pod style tents. They are built with a large napping area with numerous slumbering areas (pods) surrounding and leading off like spokes on a wheel. These are designed and shown in a family placing wherein children can have their own space become independent from mum and dad with a common meeting place for the entire circle of relatives. These tents can soak up an extensive tenting vicinity and are very tough to installation.

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