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Valencia is the third city of Spain, by number of occupants. It is situated toward the east of the Iberian Landmass, close to the Mediterranean Ocean.

Which is the best season to visit Valencia?

rutas senderismo valencia has a warm environment so you can visit us all the year.

In the event that your goal is to partake in our sea shores, I prescribe you to visit us from June to September.

If you have any desire to know the fallas, you'll need to divide the 15 and the 19 of Spring.

Until the end of exercises: visits to landmarks, the city of human expression and sciences, courses, and so on, any day is great.

How long would it be advisable for me to remain in Valencia?

I prescribe you to remain 3 days:

The primary day committed to know the city and its landmarks. In the first part of the day, visit la court de la Reina, the House of God, the Miguelete, the castle of the Generalitat, the focal market, the city chamber, the pinnacles of Serranos and Quart. Go to eat to the ocean side of the Malvarrosa, and at night, stroll by the marine walk and arrive at the port to ponder the arrangements of the America's Cup, that will be questioned in Valencia in the 2007.

The subsequent day, leave the city and go to the ocean side of the Saler and the dehesa, thin real estate parcel that isolates the ocean of the Albufera (Tidal pond), populated with hills and pines. Go to the town of the Palmar to eat and, at night, go for a walk in boat by the regular park of the Albufera and ponder the dusk on the lake.

The third day, devoted to know the city of human expression and sciences. Visit L'umbracle, the oceanographic exhibition hall, eat in his café encompassed by aquariums, and at night, visit the gallery of sciences, and L'Hemisferic.

Where might I at any point eat the genuine valencian paella?

The Valencian paella is a dish generally notable, yet additionally ready of such countless various structures that paella is called to practically any dish that contains rice.

The true Valencian paella can dupe assuming you hope to track down fish, or ribs, or blood wieners, or other fascinating fixings that are utilized in certain spots of Spain (olives, potatoes, and so forth.). You'll just track down vegetables and meat (of chicken and bunny), notwithstanding the rice, obviously.

Consider that this dish emerged in the Valencian country climate, and the agriculturist utilized the fixings he had manually: the vegetables of the natural plantation, and the creatures of corral (duck, chicken and hare). Disregarding its effortlessness, you'll think that it is stunning.

On the off chance that you like the fish, request a "paella de marisco" (fish paella), or a "arroz a banda". Additionally you can demand the "blended paella", of fish and meat, despite the fact that I don't suggest it.

In practically any café of Valencia, you'll find extraordinary assortment of rice plates. I educate you to visit the cafés with respect to the Malvarrosa ocean side, where you'll have the option to eat great paellas (despite the fact that noncheap) and later you can stroll by the promenade at coastline.

Likewise I prescribe you a visit to the Palmar, a town of anglers. Just about an island encompassed by waters of the Tidal pond. There you will track down likewise great environmental elements to partake in a paella and, later take a boat by the Tidal pond.

What is human expression and sciences city ("ciudad de las artes y las ciencias")?

It is a complex of structures devoted to the way of life and worked by a few designers of notoriety, among them Santiago Calatrava and Felix Light. It started to be developed in 1998 and is comprised of 5 structures.

Because of his futurist design, the guest feels in a space of various relaxation, that permits him to substitute various climates in "a decreased" space. We can lower in the marine profundities in L'Oceanografic and immediately following we can partake in a three-layered film in the L'Hemisferic or can go for a stroll by a mediterranean backwoods in L'Umbracle and go on with a presentation on the Smooth Way.

Which sea shores do you suggest?

The primary ocean side that you ought to visit is the ocean side of the Malvarrosa. It is the city ocean side and you'll show up without any problem. You'll track down an extremely lengthy promenade at coastline that starts in the port and reaches out during a few kilometers.

Likewise visit the ocean side of the Saler, close to the regular park of the Albufera (the Tidal pond), safeguarded by the natural regulations. Unlawful developments were obliterated and the rises were recreated to give them back their unique state.

What are the "fallas"?

The fallas are the festivals of Valencia. They happen from the 15 to the 19 of Spring and change the city completely.

During that week, many landmarks (that we call fallas) are set in the roads and seats of basically all the city. These landmarks are built with cardboard, expounded and painted of such structure that they become genuine masterpieces, whose life is fleeting. Day 19 PM, every one of the landmarks consume all the while (with the exception of the triumphant falla and the one that the city committee supports, that consumes somewhat later).

The beginning of the fallas was a festival of the start of the spring, where heaps of old items were scorched in a function of remodel. With time, these "heaps of items" turned into the current show-stoppers.

The fallas festivities are completely opened to the guest. A large portion of the exercises are created in the road. We stress "mascletaes" (orchestra of blasts which gets enthusiastic to the Valencians), the firecrackers, the motorcades, the contribution of blossoms to the Virgin of the Neglected ones, and the "consuming". Notwithstanding verbenas and festivities during all the evening.

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