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Al Quran is the Holy Book and the Message from Allah, Quran was revealed to the Last Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), It is organized into 114 chapters and 30 Parah (Juz)

When did Zakat become Fard?

What is the Definition of Zakat?

What is the rule regarding the denial of Zakat as an act of Fard act?

What is the total amount is the amount of Zakat will be distributed?

Who do you base Zakat Fard?

What are the penalties for not paying Zakat?

Dear brothers! Zakat is the fundamental principle in Islam and it was made Fard in two Hijri prior to the Siyam. 1/40 the portion in the Nisab (i.e. 2.5 percent) is to be offered in the form of Zakat. The evidence is in The Holy Quran that Zakat is Fard. Anyone who denies that it is an Kafir. In the Beloved RasoolSalWay llhu taaly walid wasalWama has said, "The basis of Islam is built on five things: To affirm that there is no one that is worthy of worship other than Allah azWa wajalWa as well as Muhammad SalWay llhu taaly wasalWama. wasalWama Is His Rasool. to give Salah and to pay Zakat for Zakat; to perform Hajj as well as to be observant of Sawm and the month of Ramadan.'

(Bukhari/Kitab ul Iman)

Zakat's significance Zakat is evident from the fact: Salah and Zakat have been mentioned within The Holy Quran 32 times.

(Radd ul Mukhtar/Kitabuzakat)

Additionally, the fortunate Zakat-giving person is blessed with great blessings and rewards from the world and in the future.

Zakat is Fard

It is confirmed by in the Holy Quran and Sunnah that Zakat is Fard. Allah Zawiyah wajalWa has said that in the Holy Quran:

wa aqiymuw lSWalw@a wa tuw lzWakw@a

Translation from Kanz-ul Imaan: and establish (obligatory) prayer and offer Zakat.

(Part 1 of Surah Al-Baqarah (verse 43, Surah Al-Baqarah)

Maulana Sayyid Na'eemuddin Muradabadi RaHma@u ll Taaly alayhi (who died in 1367, Hijri) has said the following: This Ayah mentions Salah as well as Zakat as Fard.

When the beloved Rasool SalWay the llhu who was taaly alayhi wasalWama made a message to Sayyiduna Mu'az raDiya llhu, ta anhu to Yemen He SalWay llhu taaly, alayhi wal wasalWama said: Inform them that Allah azWa wajalWa has created Zakat Fard in their wealth that should be taken from the wealthier people and handed over to the people who are poor.

Definition of Zakat

The amount of wealth stipulated by Shari'ah is referred to as Zakat from which an individual ceases to benefit in any way and, in the end, for the pleasure of Allah azWa wajalWa is placed in the possession of the Muslim Faqeer (as defined by Shari'ah as a poor personwho is neither Hashmi's personal Hashmi or an escaped slave to any other Hashmi.

Who do you base Zakat Fard?

Zakat is a way to give Zakat is Fard on all Aaqil (sane) and Baligh (person who has reached pubertyand is a Muslim who isn't a slave and meets the following requirements:

  1. He is the owner of Nisab.

  2. This Nisab refers to Naami (which means "growing in nature").

  3. He is the owner of Nisab inside his house.

  4. Nisab is not part of his Haajat e-Asliyyah (i.e.the basic needs of daily life).

5 Nisab is not inclusive of amount he has to pay (i.e. it is not his responsibility to owe people the debt to which his Nisab will be void in the event that he repays it).

6.A year has passed on this Nisab.


The consequences of not offering Zakat

In the absence of Zakat is the cause of destruction of wealth, as Beloved Rasool SalWay llhu taaly alayhi wasalWama has stated"The wealth that been destroyed by the ocean and land is destroyed due to the fact that we have not given Zakat.

In another location, SalWay llhu, taaly alay wasalWama said: The wealth of Zakat will ruin the wealththat it is in. be found.

The explanation of the above mentioned Hadith, Mufti Muhammad Amjad Ali A'zami, raHma@u llhi Ta the alayhi said, "Some important Ulama have revealed the significance of this Hadith in the following manner: If Zakat is made Wajib for a person, however they do not pay the amount and includes it in his net worth then this Haraam is a way to destroy that Halal. Imam Ahmad RaHma@u'llhi taaly has stated that the following meaning that if a rich person is one who spends money on Zakat and is wealthy, the wealth of Zakat will erase his wealth since Zakat is meant for poor. Both meanings are true.'

A nation that does not offer Zakat could face difficulties collectively. The beloved Rasool SalWay llhu taaly alayhi wasalWama has stated the nation that does not pay Zakat Allah Zawa wajalWa will force it to be a victim of drought.

In another location, SalWay llhu taaly alayhi wasalWama has said: If the people cease the obligation of paying Zakat, Allah `azWa wajalWa stop the rain. If there were no quadrupeds on the Earth not one drop of water would never drop from the sky.

A person who does not give Zakat is cursed according to Sayyiduna Abdullah bin Ma'od raDiya LHU TAALY ANHU has recounted: Rasoolullah SalWay llhu ta`aly the alayhiwalih wasalWama cursed the one who refuses to offer Zakat.

Thank you, dear Islamic brothers! This is a brief piece of writing on this topic. If you'd like to know more specifics about it, browse our online library of books and browse through the many books that are written on the subject. You can also purchase the books at Maktaba-tul-Madina.

May Allah WajalWa azWa azWa allow us to study our Deen and then to follow the principles of Islam! Ameen

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