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Hookah is also known as narghile, kalian, chillum, and many more names around the world. Shisha is the tobacco that you put in the hookah and smoke. However, this tobacco is different from the tobacco you find in cigarette and pipe tobacco. Hookah tobacco is wet as it is soddened with several ingredients like molasses, glycerin, honey, and flavoring substances. Generally, the flavoring substances are prepared with extracts of preferred fruits, flowers, or other things. The mixture of these components lets the flavored juices sop into the finely chopped tobacco leaves to provide great flavors and robustness. Unlike dry tobacco, hookah shisha is heated indirectly with red-hot charcoal that lasts long and gives you a delicious hookah session.

Presently, the hookah market is flooded with different shisha brands available. Each brand has an extraordinary assortment of flavors and characteristics to offer. However, it would be better if you consider its taste and buzz factor while choosing a shisha. Let’s go deeper now.

Blonde or Golden Leaf Tobacco

Blonde leaf tobacco, also known as golden leaf tobacco, is known to have less buzz. The tobacco leaves are being washed during the curing process, which reduces its nicotine buzz factor and gives it the characteristic orange hue. It is ideal for hookah smokers of all levels, especially those who prefer more flavors and less buzz while smoking.

Hookah tobaccos prepared with Blonde tobacco leaves are likely to be sweeter, and the flavors turn out brighter. However, some brands use a food-grade dye to give the golden leaves a red tint.

Dark Leaf Tobacco 

Dark leaf tobaccos are those hookah shishas made from unwashed leaves. Such tobaccos are meant to have more nicotine buzz. The flavor of the tobacco is also strong in this shisha. Dark Leaf Hookah Tobacco got a higher nicotine content; thus, only seasoned Hookah smokers should be smoking it. If you are looking for some good hits, this is what you need. 

These shishas have a robust flavor, which can comparatively last very long when properly heated. Don’t be surprised because a shisha bowl of specific blends can last for three to four hours in one go. 

Tobacco-Free Herbal Shisha

While the blonde leaf and dark leaf tobacco listed above are the standard choices, there is one more shisha variant available in the market. The picture will remain incomplete if we miss out on this shisha, Herbal Shisha, with a base composed of sugarcane fibers, fruits, and tea leaves. It got zero traces of nicotine, making it a unique tobacco option for those who like to enjoy hookah but don’t want the bad part of tobacco. Despite all, it produces enormous smoke clouds throughout the long smoke session.While the shisha’s base is fundamental as it decides the smoke outcomes, a significant part of the user’s experience is dependent on the flavors. Smokers have the liberty to mix one or more shishas to play with their buzz factors and flavors. Khalil Maamoon has different brands with varying shisha composition, curation processes, and flavor blends. Don’t forget to visit www.khalilmaamoon.com to check them out.

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