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Khalil Maamoon has rolled out a new

flavor called Black Orange. It sells at the same price as its other flavors and

is available in identical sizes. Considering the spectrum of hookah flavors, this

is something not many may have heard of or tried. It is a new flavor

combination, so to speak, whether for shisha in general or for Khalil Maamoon.

Black Orange from Khalil Maamoon

Orange is not a new hookah flavor.

Blackberry shisha has also been around for quite some time. However, the two

have not been combined by many. Black Orange is a blend of blackberry and

orange. Blackberry has been mixed with other berries over the years and there

are blends involving some tropical fruits too. Orange has also been mixed with

other flavors, but not blackberry. Hence, what we have at our disposal is a

rather unique combo: two flavors that should work together. Black Orange from

Khalil Maamoon is available at $9.99 for its entry level 100g pack. It is also available

in 250g and 1000g sizes.

Flavor Profile of Khalil Maamoon

Black Orange

What you expect from blackberry and

orange is precisely the flavor profile here. Unlike some other blends, there is

a uniform flavor of this mix. Neither does the blackberry overpower the orange,

nor is it the other way around. However, the aroma of the orange does have a

dominating effect. You smell less of the earthy blackberry and more of the

citrusy and zesty orange. This is actually one of the strengths of this flavor.

Too much of blackberry aroma would have completely suppressed the tarty orange.

The aroma is fresh. It is neither exactly artificial candy nor the orange soda

type smell. It does smell like a fresh ripe orange but not entirely natural.

There is certainly some type of concoction in this that is not fully organic or

natural, but you would not smell much of synthetic ingredients.

Both blackberry and orange are a

blended flavor profile here. Neither is primary or secondary. You would feel

the orange as you inhale and exhale. The blackberry has a sustained undertone

but not exactly serving as a subservient flavor profile. The aroma is dominated

by the orange so you may wonder if it is blackberry at all. The earthiness of

the flavor should tell you how this blend really works so well when you inhale

and exhale. There is no noticeable dip in the flavor profile. You feel the

texture as you inhale the smoke and the same is unaffected as you exhale. This

is actually the case with most flavors of Khalil Maamoon.

Vapor Quality and Cloud Volume of

Khalil Maamoon Black Orange

You would experience dense and

voluminous vapor. It is not too thick but there is sufficient weightage. This

is not a menthol flavor, so there is no marked coolness quotient. But you don’t

feel any heat. There is no harsh bite.

Pro Tip for Khalil Maamoon Black


You can use Black Orange as a

standalone flavor, or mix it with some guava, perhaps menthol too.

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