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Hookah is not an obscure smoking device any more. Even ten years ago, many in the United States were unfamiliar with hookah. It was often associated with smoking cannabis. Smoking hookah was not only frowned upon by some but also deemed to be a suspicious, and potentially illegal, activity. Now, people know that there is nothing illegal, suspicious or questionable about hookah, or shisha tobacco.

Today, there are dozens of companies manufacturing and selling their hookahs at every nook and corner. You can actually buy a premium hookah at a nearby grocery store. Cigarette smokers have switched to hookah in hordes. The debate of whether or not hookah is healthier than cigarette rages on and there may not be any authoritative inference in the end. What is no longer debatable is the sheer popularity of hookah, the fact that it has become a favorite pastime of millions of people, and there is an unprecedented growth in an industry that until a few years ago did not really exist, let alone flourish.

The Gateway to a Hookah Knowledgebase

Glimpse the hookah inventory of Khalil Mamoon and you will find dozens of variants. There are all kinds of sizes, different materials, an array of styles and design elements, and a growing collection of accessories. A sneak peek into any popular range of shisha tobacco and you will find hundreds of flavors. The options are not limited to lemon, apple, mint, or menthol. Every common fruit has found its way into shisha tobacco flavors. This is also true for several spices and condiments. How does one choose the best hookah, the ideal shisha tobacco, and the most appropriate accessories in such a marketplace?

We present to you the gateway to a hookah knowledgebase. This is a forum that hosts everything you must know about hookah, including all essential parts and accessories. We shall discuss hookahs in threadbare and comprehensive forms. We shall answer questions you may have. We have expert advice and ingenious tips. From assisting you to pick the best hookah for your needs to enabling you to find the finest shisha tobacco flavors, guiding you through setting up for a perfect session to showing you how you must clean all the components, our knowledgebase shall address everything you need to know.

A Hookah Community for Everyone

We are forming a hookah community that everyone deserves, be it a beginner or a veteran. You may have been longing to generate large, flavorful, dense and milky white smoke from your hookah. You may have been looking for the perfect combination of some of your cherished flavors. You may have been waiting for the perfect hookah setup, or necessary accessories. All pursuits find fitting answers here.

Discover hookah facts, use the knowledgebase to make informed decisions, participate in community discussions, share your experiences and learn from the adventures of fellow smokers. It is our endeavor to enrich your hookah experience with an expansive, insightful and factually accurate knowledgebase.

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