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Smoking hookah is a cultural practice and best enjoyed collectively. Every smoker has an individual liking and preference for preparing the hookah and smoking it. While there is no hard rule stating the best method to smoke, many mistakes are getting passed along. They can be avoided saving you a lot of money and annoyances.

Mistake 1. Putting Ice into the Base for a Smoother Smoke Session

Many think that the ice will chill down the water resulting in a smoother smoke session. But adding ice will take away a lot of good flavors from the session. A properly packed shisha bowl with proper heat administration can offer you a smooth flavorsome hookah session. You don’t need ice for that.

Mistake 2. Commencing with Dark Leaf Hookah Tobacco

Dark leaf shisha has a higher nicotine content. If you are a beginner, try the blonde leaf hookah tobacco for your first session. They have lower nicotine content. Dark leaf shisha can be too robust, and the buzz can hit you very hard the first time. Gradually, acclimatize yourself to hookah smoking and before smoking the dark leaf tobacco.

Mistake 3. Perilously Heating Your Lotus

Some smokers like to preheat the Kaloud Lotus HMD, but that may ruin the device and even char the shisha. Preheating it too long may melt the Lotus also. So, warm up the Lotus slightly.

Mistake 4. Carrying the Hookah by the Stem

Always hold the pipe by the base. If you carry it by the stem you may end up shattering the base filled with water.

Mistake 5. Huge Hookah Means Bigger Smoke Clouds

The smoke outcome depends on the bowl packing method, how you manage the heat rather than on the size of your hookah.

Mistake 6. Overheating the Bowls with Coals

Just for blowing gigantic smoke clouds, you don’t need too many pieces of coals. Too much heat will burn the bowl and reduce the session duration. If your bowl is loaded and the heat is managed well, you can relish the flavors better and blow some big clouds.

Mistake 7. Not Using Properly Lit Charcoals

If the coals are heated unevenly, there won’t be enough heat produced to start smoking your shisha.  Again, overly lit coal won’t give good flavors.

Mistake 8. Smoking Other Things with Your Hookah

If you smoke other things with your pipe, there will be a smell left inside, which is very difficult to remove. If you don’t want other flavors to ghost your sessions, clean your hookah thoroughly, or don’t smoke other things.

Mistake 9. Putting Alcohol in Your Base

Besides water, many people fill their base with other liquids. Some may opt to fill it with alcohol but inhaling the fume produced could be dangerous for you. Instead, try filling it with tea.

Mistake 10. Expensive Hookah Means Better Quality

Price does not always signify quality. There are different hookahs and hookah accessories of varying quality available in the market. Do your research to buy only high-quality things that you will enjoy using for a long time.

That is all for now. We hope that we can guide you on the most common hookah blunders so you can avoid them in your hookah journey. Get your bowl packed, coals lit, and smoke!

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