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Unless you are a pro Hookah smoker, decision-making confusion is common with everyone as there are so many options available in the market. Natural Coconut Shell Charcoals are available in many sizes and shapes among which flats and cubes. If you are not sure which one will work best, then this blog piece will come very handy as we break them down for you.

Coconut Shell Charcoals: Flats

These are the first Coconut Charcoal variants that came into the market. Generally, they are 25mm in width and length and 17mm in height. Flats are so common that every hookah charcoal company has their flat version of Coconut Charcoals. Being the first natural charcoal, it is also the most popular option available in the hookah lounges as well as the smoke shops and other retail.

Coconut Shell Charcoals: Cubes

Cubed Coconut Shell Charcoals are a relatively new introduction to the hookah market. Usually, they are 25mm from all sides. However, nowadays they are available in more sizes to fit diverse hookah bowls and heat management devices like mini, standard, jumbo as well as large cubes. Most charcoal companies have both cube and flat charcoals.

Difference Between Flat and Cube Coconut Hookah Charcoals

Both of them are made using crushed shells of coconuts and are popular as the most popular and preferred coals for the people around. Let us now compare them and see how they differ from each other.

Sizing and Surface Area: One can easily differentiate between the two charcoals just by looking at them. Undoubtedly, Coconut Shell Charcoals are big and have a larger surface area.

Lighting Time. There is a huge difference between them. Since the cube is bigger, hence it takes longer to heat up evenly on an electric coal burner. In this case, the flats get red hot pretty fast. Apart from the size, the age of your burner and its strength also decide the heating time of your coals. If you burn both on the same burner, you will notice the flats get properly heated faster than the cubes.

Weight of the Coal. This difference is a bit technical and can be observed when the coals are thoroughly lit. As the cube coconut charcoals are larger, they tend to press down the foil. If the foil cover isn’t tight, then the coal may weigh down and char the shisha. On the other hand, the flats are lighter and thus less likely to press into the bowl and mess up your shisha. Cube charcoal is amazing and works well. It is just a little tricky to handle but with time and experience, you will get it right and can handle the coals perfectly fine.

Heat Production: Cubes also produce more heat than the flats but that varies depending on the size you are using. Like, you will only require two cubes to produce the same amount of heat that three flats produce.

Longevity: A cube can last up to one and a half hours whereas the flats last around 45 minutes. That means you have to change the coals less frequently.That was a comparative study of 100% Natural Flat and Cube Coconut Shell Charcoals. We hope this blog has clarified your doubts and You can easily assess and pick the best coals according to your requirements. Check out the amazing collection of various renowned Natural Coconut Charcoal brands on Khalil Maamoon.

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