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Setting up an Egyptian hookah is a cakewalk. You have to be familiar with the essential components, and that’s it. The whole process should take less than a minute. However, if you do not know what every piece is, then you are likely to be uncertain about where it goes, and how you should go about setting up the entire apparatus. Here is a quick stepwise guide that should make the whole process as lucid as it can be.

·         The first step is to lay out all the parts, components or pieces on a table. You will have a base, usually made of glass if it is Khalil Maamoon. There will be a long stem, or shaft as some people call it. There will be a tray, a bowl, a hose with one end bigger than the other, and a few grommets, or seals. These grommets are usually made of rubber. There should be one large one, and two smaller ones. There may be cleaning brushes inside the box. They are not necessary for setting up an Egyptian hookah, but we shall talk about their significance in the end.

·         Place the glass base on the table. Pick up the long stem, take the big rubber grommet and fix it at the larger end of the shaft. The larger end of the stem goes into the base. The smaller tip forms the neck, upon which you shall mount the bowl. Put the rubber grommet around the larger bottom of the stem, or shaft. If you are doing this for the first time, then the rubber may feel a little rigid. You may have to press it, twist and turn it a bit, to properly fit the piece onto the end of the shaft. Once fitted perfectly, just slide the stem into the base. The base and the stem should have a snug fit.

·         So, you have the base and the stem fitted into it. Take the tray and slide it onto the stem from atop. You should have two more grommets, one slightly larger than the smallest one. Take this grommet and fit it onto the tip of the stem. This is the seal for the bowl. After you fit the grommet, take the clay bowl and gently install it atop the stem, or shaft. Take the smallest grommet, the only one left now, and fit it into the base of the hose, or pipe. This is the one that goes into the hose port of the hookah. The other end is with the mouthpiece. Fit the smallest grommet at the end of the hose and install it into the port of the hookah. The other port is the purge valve.

Your hookah is ready, load some tobacco, light up a few charcoals, and start smoking. But, if this is the first time you are using an Egyptian hookah, it is best to clean all the pieces before you begin. Khalil Maamoon Egyptian hookahs are handmade. There may be some dust and environmental particles inside the stem, and the base. Use the thin and thick cleaning brushes.

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