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Smoking hookah is undoubtedly exciting. However, it’s tricky to put together and use. So, before you plunge into hookah smoking, let us quickly guide you to understand its parts and how it works.

Basics of the Hookah Structure

Below are the basic components of the anatomy of a hookah.

  • Bowl. It contains hookah tobacco.

  • Bowl Stem. The piece of the hookah stem that connects to the bowl.

  • Ash Tray. A plate that holds the ignited coals and catches the flying ashes.

  • Hookah Stem. It connects the base with the hookah bowl and the hookah hose.

  • Steam Heart. This part of the stem that links to the base and has the purge valve and hose port.

  • Hose Adaptor. It is also known as a hose port where the hose is injected.

  • Purge Valve. It releases the smoke from the base and blows into the hose.

  • Ball Bearing. While inhaling, it blocks the air from getting drawn into through the valve.

  • Downstem. The part of the stem that remains submerged in the water.

  • Diffuser. It breaks down the bubbles and offers a quitter smoke experience.

  • Base. It contains water through which the smoke passes.

  • Hose. It is a long supple tube-like thing with a connector and a handle.

  • Hose Handle. It is the mouthpiece part that gives you a good grip.

  • Hose Connector. It is where the hose connects to the hose port.

Setting Up and Using Hookah Step-by-Step

Hopefully, you have already washed all the parts and dried them before starting. Let us set up your hookah stepwise. 

  • Unfasten the base from the stem and now fill the base with cool or regular water. As you connect the downstem, make sure it is one inch dipped into the water. Make the connection airtight by placing the rubber grommet in between them.

  • Place the ashtray on top of the hookah stem.

  • Take your bowl and sprinkle your favorite shisha little by little into it. You can also use a fork to pack the tobacco into your bowl. Using a grommet secure the hose into the hose connector tightly.

  • Now, take a double layer of the foil and tightly wrap it over the bowl. As you hold it, poke multiple holes on it using a toothpick or pin. Place the bowl on top of the stem. Use a grommet to seal the connection airtight.

  • Check everything to ensure all the connections are firm and tight.

  • Heat three to four cubes of coconut shell charcoal on an electric burner until they are red hot. Flip them in between so they get evenly heated. With a pair of tongs place them at regular intervals on the foil-covered bowl. Better position them towards the edge of the bowl to avoid uneven heat distribution.

  • You can ditch the foil and use a heat management device that sits atop the bowl. Place the lit coals directly inside the HMD and put the lid.

Give it a few inhales and exhales to boost the heat distribution. HMDs need time to heat up so if you are using one, place it on the burner to reduce the heating time. Avoid overfilling the base and the bowl. You will surely love it.

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