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Every now and then, Khalil Maamoon rolls out a few new models of hookahs. The latest collection to be launched by one of the largest and most respected hookah brands in the world mostly comprises Egyptian shishas. These brand new models are Mini Angel, Ice Buls, Turkey Balaha and Sephora. Both Ice Buls and Turkey Balaha come in two variants, wherein the difference is in the color and texture without any changes in the essential features or the accessories in the box.

Overview of the Latest Hookahs from Khalil Maamoon

Khalil Maamoon has been a pioneer of sorts in the world of hookah. Shisha enthusiasts have used their products for more than a hundred years now. Today, the brand is no longer confined to its omnipresence in the Middle East. It is a brand that is now synonymous with hookah in the United States and across Europe. The four latest hookahs and that number would be six if one was to include the two variants as standalone models, come in different sizes but with similar accessories. There is a marked distinction in the aesthetics, partly due to the kind of engravings, some subtle and a few obvious differences in the design.

As the name implies, Mini Angel is a small hookah, fitting for rooms that do not have a lot of space to spare. Ice Buls is almost a large hookah. Turkey Balaha is a medium sized model. Sephora is a large hookah. It is actually a double door model. None of the other three models, including the variants of Ice Buls and Turkey Balaha, is a double door hookah. All these models come with Egyptian hose, Egyptian clay bowl, Egyptian glass vase, pair of tongs and cleaning brush. These accessories are in the box, so you do not have to buy anything other than the set. All you need is a few charcoals and your favorite shisha flavor to get started with any of these latest hookahs from Khalil Maamoon.

Special Features of the Latest Hookahs from Khalil Maamoon

Khalil Maamoon specializes in handcrafted hookahs. That is how they have managed to uphold the unprecedented benchmark, both in terms of craftsmanship and quality. The hookahs are also known for their durability, which is largely due to two reasons, the quality of materials used and the handcrafting by the expert artisans. All these models are designed and handcrafted in Egypt.

The first standout feature of these latest hookahs is the color. All four models come in gold. They look regal to say the least. The two variants, one each of Ice Buls and Turkey Balaha, come in an oxidized color. These two variants do not sport the glorious golden hue but they look royal enough given the classic sheen of the typical oxidized shade. The texture seems different, but all other design elements or aesthetics and features are identical.

All four models, including the two variants, have mesmerizing engraving, not just on the stems and glass bases, but also the trays. Both variants of Ice Buls have an ice chamber to provide cool vapor without any extra effort. Sephora is a double door model and hence is taller than the other latest hookahs from Khalil Maamooon.

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