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Khalil Maamoon Black Orange is a premium flavor from one of the best known brands in the world of shisha. If you are into hookah, then Khalil Maamoon needs no introduction. But our Black Orange flavor may be a completely new flavor for many shisha enthusiasts.

First Impression of Black Orange from Khalil Maamoon

Black Orange is basically blackberry and orange. The flavor comes in a typical can sporting the glamorously aesthetic design that the company has retained for its packaging over the years. The can looks awesome. If you are impressed with the rich gold and brown color palette, then wait till you open it, because inside is a rich, juicy and literally orangey shisha tobacco.

The first impression of Black Orange from Khalil Maamoon is twofold. The aroma is fantastic. You will fall in love with the fragrance. It is not overpowering but your olfactory senses are in for a treat. You will notice the tobacco is moist, which some may describe as wet. But the tobacco is not mushy. Give it a while and the moisture will get soaked up by the tobacco. When you open the can the next time, after having one session presumably, you will not find much moisture in the shisha. The tobacco would appear to be dry, but not to an extent where it is flaky. This is quite interesting.

Characteristics of Black Orange from Khalil Maamoon

Black Orange smells and tastes like orange soda. You may also find the flavor to be carbonated, just like the popular sodas. However, tobacco cannot be carbonated as it does not have any compressed air inside the blend and regulated pressure inside the packaging. How Khalil Maamoon manages to get this carbonated characteristic is probably their secret. This flavor has a kind of frizz, a fine blend of tanginess and sweetness.

The blackberry is largely subdued, or subtle. The flavor is called Black Orange, but it is really and mostly orange all the way. The tinge of blackberry is not pronounced, but you will feel and enjoy it in every puff. It is not a secondary profile. Both orange and blackberry are used in a blend that makes every bit of smoke for all your puffs attain a singular flavor profile. This too is quite an interesting characteristic of this shisha.

An impressive quality of Black Orange is its heat sensitivity. It does not burn, even when you leave the charcoals on without inhaling frequently. The smoke is generated and calmly settled in the space inside the base. When you take a puff after a while, the smoke is still flavorful and there is no tinge of smokiness. You would not feel choked. This does not happen with most shishas, which is why charcoals have to be set aside if you are taking a break sometime during a session.

Khalil Maamoon Black Orange is a long-lasting shisha flavor. The flavor remains potent not only throughout one session but all the while you would be using a pack. No matter how many times you open and close the can, how much or little you use and keep the rest for another session, the entire mass of tobacco would give you the same flavor down to its last sprinkle in your last session with this shisha.

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