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Hookah is a popular device used for smoking hookah tobacco and produces thick fluffy clouds of smoke. Smoking hookah is known to be extremely relieving and soothing around the world.

How Does Hookah Work?

First, fill half of the hookah base with water, then the stem is fitted in and attached with a hookah bowl and hookah hose. The bowl is packed with hookah tobacco and covered with aluminum foil. Then several holes are poked on top of it. Finally, some red-hot charcoal is placed on top of it, which starts heating the tobacco. As you take a pull through the hose pipe, the air flows through the burning coals and burning tobacco beneath. As the smoke travels through the water and gets filtered and cooled before being inhaled.

Hookah Culture: Then vs. Now

Earlier, people used to smoke shisha as a cultural tradition to symbolize friendship and trust. These days, we have a wide array of bespoke hookahs and hookah lounges, and cafés where you can indulge yourself in a soothing smoke session. With time, hookah has evolved a lot. From coal to shisha tobacco, everything has changed. Nevertheless, some hookah enthusiasts still prefer the traditional smoking style.

Hookah Accessories

A hookah is a smoking instrument including a few accessories like,

  • Glass Base. Hookah Base is a glass basin that is filled with liquid to filter the smoke.

  • Hookah Bowl. Generally, it is made of clay (as well as other materials) and holds tobacco for smoking. It is covered with foil. Ensure it is tightly packed.

  • Hookah Stem. It connects the base and bowl. The hose is also attached to it.

  • Hookah Hose. It is a long pipe, with one end connecting the stem and the other end is for inhaling. Some hookahs support multiple hoses.

  • Hookah Foil/Regular Aluminum Foil. The bowl packed with shisha is covered with Aluminum Foil. We poke multiple holes on it, put the coals on it.

  • Charcoal Burner/Heater. Electric burner to heat the coals.

  • Hookah Mouthpieces/tips. They are used with the hookah hose to make it convenient and sterile.

  • Rubber Grommets. They connect the hose and stem, base and stem, and seal it airtight.

  • Hookah Tray. A tray is placed under the hookah bowl to catch the flying coal ashes and burning coals.

  • Hookah Tong. It is used to handle hot charcoal.

  • Cleaning Supplies. Supplies to clean the base and other parts.

Safekeeping of Your Hookah and Its Accessories

Procuring hookah and its accessories isn’t hard, but maintenance is. To ensure your piece performs its best, you need to take good care of it. Clean and pack it properly after every use. Drain the water from the base without breaking it. Clean the hose with fresh water to remove any smell. Use a tong to remove the hot coals. Be cautious, so you don’t burn yourself.

Present Hookah Culture

Even today, smoking hookah is associated with good hospitality and a display of trust and respect. It’s a way to have a great time with family and friends. Nowadays, hookah manufacturers are focusing on creating environment-friendly, harmless hookah tobacco flavors and coal options that you can enjoy without any worries or apprehensions.

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