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There are numerous hookah charcoals available on the market making it challenging for many to decide which type and coal brand to buy. Mostly, hookah smokers pick natural charcoal or a quick light. If you are not sure what they are and how they differ from each other, this blog piece is going to be handy for you. Both of the coal have their advantages and drawbacks, but there has to be only one best at the end.

Natural Hookah Charcoal

In the last decade, we have witnessed a growing demand for these natural hookah charcoals which are manufactured using the shells of coconut. They are treated into coals and compressed and cut into different shapes and sizes. Nowadays, these natural coals are a basic requirement for most hookah lovers as they last pretty long and produce clean heat without interfering with the taste of the shisha. Depending on the size of your setup and your preferences, you can choose any of the shapes and sizes available in the market. They come in cubes, flats, rounds, tri-cut, quad cut, jumbo cubes, squares, and more. The Tri-Cut and Quad-Cut Charcoals are specifically designed to fit into the majority of Heat management Devices like the Kaloud Lotus or Starbuzz NAR Head.

Natural Hookah Charcoals: Pros and Cons


  • Bring the best flavor out of the shisha.

  • Have the longest life that extends the session duration.

  • Comparatively the overall cost is very low.


  • Take up to 10 minutes to heat up.

  • Require an electric burner or coal heater to heat.

Quick Light Hookah Charcoal

As the name suggests, these coals light up instantly. These coals are also known as instant lighting, quick lighting, fast lighting. Generally, they come in disc shapes, ten of which are wrapped together in foil roll. These coals contain synthetic accelerants like Sulphur that allow it to ignite instantly with the regular lighter. With a single flame, these coals will start burning and will be ready to heat your shisha within a minute. They are commonly made by compressing coal dust.

They commonly come in small sizes of 33mm and large sizes of 40mm giving you a little room to control the heat level and duration. Nowadays, they are available in more sizes. Despite being so convenient and an instant heat source, they have certain drawbacks. They don’t burn longer and also deteriorate the flavor of your shisha. The degree of these limitations varies from one brand to the other. Sadly, they leave a bad chemical taste to the tobacco. For all these reasons they are not much p[opular among the majority of hookah smokers. But some staunch hookah fanatics blindly go for these charcoal only.

Quick Light Hookah Charcoals: Pros and Cons


  • Ignite instantly with utmost ease.

  • Can be used anywhere.


  • Have a very short burn time. you will require many quickly for a standard smoke session.

  • Interfere with the quality of the hookah flavor.

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