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Hookahs aren’t perishable, so they don’t have a use-by date. Shisha tobacco isn’t perishable either, but it does go bad. If you have ever smoked stale shisha tobacco, you know that it is not a flavor you want to taste and feel again.

Hookahs Are Not Forever

Hookahs don’t decay as such, not within a human lifetime at least, but the materials deteriorate and the entire set will need to go at some point. I have made the mistake of continuing using a hookah that should have been bid adieu to at least a month sooner, if not earlier.

Most people don’t realize the correlation between the materials and the smoke. It is natural to wonder about the quality of a shisha tobacco or the characteristics of a flavor when we have an unpleasant experience.

Although there are a few unpleasant and subpar flavors out there, the hookah itself could be the problem in some cases.

When Do I Need A New Hookah?

I have a thumb rule for hookahs. If something is amiss, check the usual suspect first. Then, if the usual suspect is not the culprit, check everything.

You will never go wrong with this approach to know if you need a new hookah. Allow me to elaborate on this principle using a few real examples.

Anything Bad: Smoke, Flavor, Odor

Bad smoke, flavor, and odor could be due to the poor quality of your shisha tobacco. However, the tobacco may be fine.

Check the smell and texture of the tobacco in the can, jar, or tub. Consider the brand, and if you trust it. Possibly, the culprit is one of the hookah parts or the entire set.

Worn out hookah parts can impart foul smell and texture to shisha tobacco flavor and the general smoke quality.

The causal problem may be the bowl, stem, base, or hose. If you can identify which one is to blame, you are lucky because replacing that part will solve the problem. Otherwise, you have to buy a whole new hookah.

Any Extreme: Heat, Air, Moisture

A flawless hookah will deliver cool smoke without excess air and moisture. The moment you can feel some moistness, unusually airy smoke, and a hot sensation, consider the possibility of something wrong in your hookah.

Excessively warm smoke is usually due to using too many charcoal pieces or very little water. Check these two. If neither is the issue, one or more parts of your hookah are done and you must get rid of them.

Excess air or moisture is due to a leakage somewhere. The culprit could be the bowl, stem, grommets, the hose, and even the heat management device if it is faulty or you have installed it incorrectly. 

Any Definite Evidence: Degradation, Damage, Fragility

Here are some definite evidences that your hookah is past its utility:

·         Discoloration, rust, cracks.

·         Strange noises while assembling the hookah.

·         Improper fits when you use the grommets.

·         Telltale fragility when you handle the pieces.·         Wobbly or unsteady setup on a flat and stable surface.

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