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Are you not satisfied with your hookah sessions for you not getting the best flavor from the shisha? Probably, it is too harsh or charred. Don’t worry, we are here to help you improve the flavor and quality of your shisha smoke. 

  • Proper Heat Management

Too much heat not only kills the flavors badly. You must understand that each hookah shisha brand reacts to the heat differently. Like Haze and Nirvana Shisha need more heat while shisha brands like Fantasia or Starbuzz shisha can’t handle too much heat well. Research a bit before you try out any new brand.

Secondly, use red hot charcoal to heat your shisha. If they are not evenly ignited, they deteriorate the taste of the shisha.

  • Hookah Bowl Packing Methods

Your hookah bowl packing method depends on the bowl and shisha you are using. There is a wide range of shishas and bowls available. Hence, it is recommended to research a little before you choose the brands and bowls. However, a semi-dense or sprinkling style works best with most of the shisha brands as it facilitates good airflow and heats the shisha evenly.

Never miss poking multiple holes (recommended to make three rings of holes) after you back the bowl. If possible, use phunnel bowls as they work well with most of the shishas. 

  • Hookah Base

Maintain a proper water level in your hookah base. While too much water will block the hookah, little water will dry out the smoke. Make sure your stem is one or two inches submerged in the water.

Empty your base after your session otherwise it will trap the flavors from the session and cause mold formation. Together they will ruin your next session and also affect your health.

Though many use cold water or ice in the base, be aware that it will also reduce the flavors. Nothing can beat the flavors that you can have with plain simple room temperature water. 

  • Kaloud Lotus HMD

You can use a Kaloud Lotus on top of your bowl. Place your empty Lotus on the shisha, with a poker clear the clogs ensuring proper airflow. Place the heated coals towards the outer sides so the heat can flow in through the vents.

Always, clean your HMD before using it. If there is any charred shisha stuck at the bottom, it will add an unpleasant taste.

  • Hookah Hose

A non-washable leather hose is likely to have some ghosted flavors from previous sessions. If you are using one, always blow through it a few times after every smoke session. Hang it with the tip side downwards. Nevertheless, we would always suggest you use a modern washable silicone hose. You can find top-quality silicone hoses right here at

  • Hookah Stem

Wash your metal hookah after every session to eliminate ghosted flavors trapped in it. To wash it you can use lemon juice and water. You can also add a small amount of baking soda if you think the flavors are too strong. Rinse the hookah stem thoroughly. Keep your hookah set clean and shiny. If you have cleaned everything yet it is tasting funky, clean the purge valve.

Try out the tips we shared here; you will surely see the difference. There will be a huge difference in the flavors. With all those tips employed you are sure to enjoy the best flavors of your shisha.

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