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Khalil Mamoon has an established

practice of rolling out limited edition shishas from time to time. It has

several such limited edition hookahs, most of which are a world apart from the

mass produced shishas of other brands. Khalil Mamoon is a rare brand of hookah

that actually makes all its shishas by hand. Since all their models are

handcrafted, most hookahs end up having some distinct attribute. These traits

are treasured by connoisseurs and beginners alike. Beyond the aesthetics and

the perceived value as a collectible, the reliable utility of these shishas

along with durability makes Khalil Mamoon the most trusted manufacturer of

handmade hookahs.

Introduction to Imperial | A

Limited Edition Shisha from Khalil Mamoon

Khalil Mamoon Imperial is priced at

$149.99. This is reasonable considering the prices of some of the other limited

edition hookahs rolled out by the company, and the competitors. As Khalil

Mamoon has done several times in the past, this hookah too is appropriately

named. Imperial is truly regal. It has a majestic form, a stunning glow, and

ergonomic features that are as gloriously carved as they are effectively

accentuated. There isn’t much to drive home about the form of this piece, as

the standard features reflect what Khalil Mamoon has been doing for over a

century now. What does entice a beholder is the detailing in Imperial.

Aesthetic Attributes of the Limited

Edition Imperial from Khalil Mamoon

Let’s start from the top. The

Egyptian clay bowl is a work of art. It is not as big as in some other hookahs

made by Khalil Mamoon. The neck is also a bit longer than other models. Both of

these aspects make Imperial considerably different from other limited edition

hookahs. The color of the Egyptian bowl is bisque. Some may refer to it as a

shade of beige. The dark brown strokes on the bowl are a fascinating accent and

emerge as the highlight of this essential component of the hookah. The exact

detail of these brown strokes may vary from one handcrafted Imperial to

another, but the larger element of the design remains the same. This feature is

clearly a winner.

The tray is exquisite. It would

teleport a student of art history to bygone eras when palatial gatherings would

indulge in the extravagances of intricate craftsmanship. The gold hue of the

tray only makes it look more glitzy, but not in a loud manner. If the bowl and

the tray do not captivate you enough, then the wooden shaft or stem surely

will. The interior is stainless steel but the exterior of the stem is carved

wood. It seems like a single piece of wood has been carved to form the entire

exterior of the stem, from the tray down to the gasket. The carved wood also

sports an artwork. The wood is polished, colorful and the generous reflection

of light makes it look glamorous.

The gasket is of stainless steel

with gold plating. There is a chrome finish, so it looks stunning under

suitable lighting condition. There is the hose port and the diffuser. Only one

connection is available in this limited edition Imperial. Below the gasket is

the rather sleek and tall base. Khalil Mamoon has made all kinds of bases over

the years. They have broad and round shaped bases. They also have square or

rectangular bases. While the brand is not particularly fond of bulky bases, it

does have a penchant for stability. Imperial too has a reasonably broad bottom

but it is the height of the base that will draw your attention.

There are carvings on the glass as

well. These are transparent, but they interact with the light in a given

setting. The light cast on the base creates a colorful illusion in the

carvings. The gold plated Egyptian hose has wooden grips. All grommets are

included in the package, so are cleaning brushes and tongs. The limited edition

Imperial is among the sleeker and taller hookahs made by any of the major


Expected User Experience of Khalil

Mamoon Imperial

Since all Khalil Mamoon hookahs are

handcrafted, there can be subtle and negligible irregularities. The grommets

may not be perfect. There can be some traces of woodworking and unique marks in

the metalwork. It is always better to have some extra grommets of different

sizes, and other facilitating accessories to simplify the first installation.

Set up Imperial after you have washed and cleaned the clay bowl, stem, gasket

and the glass base.

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