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Khalil Maamoon is among the topmost brands of shisha flavors and one naturally expects nothing but the best from them. One of their latest flavors is the Lemon Mint. This is not an entirely new flavor combination. Both lemon and mint have been used as standalone shisha flavors for centuries. They have been combined for decades. Many companies have tried their hands at combining the two flavors. Khalil Maamoon is now out with their take on the popular Lemon Mint flavor.

Lemon Mint from Khalil Maamoon

Khalil Maamoon is one of those few brands in the realm of shisha products and accessories that delivers on its promises, every time. Their Lemon Mint flavor delivers exactly what it is expected to. There is a distinct lemon flavor, marked by the zest and tartness, but it is also reasonably sweet. There is a pronounced minty flavor, which adds to the coolness. Those who love mint will certainly like the iciness in this flavor. Those who love lemon will enjoy the fresh tartness and sweetness. There are two noticeably good things about the Lemon Mint flavor from Khalil Maamoon, which we shall talk about in the flavor profile. The flavor is now available in three sizes: 100g, 250g and 1kg.  

Flavor Profile of Khalil Maamoon Lemon Mint

Since this is a combination of two flavors, there has to be one primary flavor and another secondary flavor. This is where it gets interesting. Neither of the two distinct flavors can be classified as either primary or secondary. Some people may feel that the lemon is more pronounced. Some may realize that the mint is more dominant than the lemon. The truth is that both these flavors are consistent undertones with neither overpowering the other. You would not experience the tartness and sweetness of the lemon taking over or suppressing the icy cool freshness of the mint, or vice versa.

One can say that the lemon could have been a little more dominant. Likewise, one may also say that the mint is a tad subdued. Khalil Maamoon seems to have walked a tightrope here. It is known for bold flavors and distinct profiles. With their Lemon Mint, they have managed to cater to both types of hookah enthusiasts: the beginners as well as the connoisseurs. The flavor is rich and consistent. There is no bite, either of the lemon or of the mint. Some lemon flavors tend to have a strong tart and sour bite. Some mint flavors tend to have a chilled hit in the throat. These are not what you will experience with Khalil Maamoon Lemon Mint.

Vapor Quality and Cloud Volume of Khalil Maamoon Lemon Mint

The vapor quality is pleasant and consistent. There is sufficient volume of cloud, with sustained density. Even moderate puffs lead to a substantial cloud of smoke. The smoke is neither too cold nor too hot. It is slightly warmer than typical mint flavors.

Potency during Inhale & Exhale of Khalil Maamoon Lemon Mint

The flavor remains consistently potent, but the tinge of lemon does subside as you reach the last bit of the stuffing in the bowl. There are no flavor variations during inhale and exhale.

Aftereffects of Khalil Maamoon Lemon Mint

Beginners may experience a mild buzz in their head, which is what most want. Veterans may not encounter a head buzz.

Pro Tip for Khalil Maamoon Lemon Mint

Use natural charcoal for this flavor, only two pieces for a session if you are alone.

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