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How to remove window tint has by no means been this clean. All you want to do is have a newspaper, a cleansing sponge and a faded of cleaning soap and water. Here are some smooth steps on a way to get rid of window tint using newspaper and soap handiest. Start with the aid of making a mixture of soap and water which you may be the usage of. Next, use your household cleansing sponge to apply it on your window. Make positive that all the surface place of the window might be protected with soap and water.

Once all regions of the window were soaked with cleaning soap and water, you could now then observe the newspaper in your window. Make positive it suits right to your window and all the tinted regions of the window are immediately touching the newspaper you located. It does not rely if the newspaper is antique or new so long as it is a newspaper that you could use.

Leave the newspaper in place for about one hour. If you spot the newspaper sliding off your window, reapply the cleaning soap and water combination to the newspaper to make it stick even more to the tinted window. You can do that every 10-15 minutes to make certain that the newspaper is making touch with the tint films.

After an hour or so, attempt to scrape the newspaper collectively with your window tint film. If the tint does no longer come off with the newspaper, cautiously reapply the newspaper the usage of the combination of soap and water and depart for every other hour.

Make positive that the newspaper is moist every 10-15 minutes. Try to do away with the newspaper again after the allocated time. You ought to be able to get rid of it collectively with the tint this time.

If you can't peel the tint the usage of your palms, you may use a razor or a squeegee in doing away with the newspaper and tint. It could be higher to apply a rubber squeegee than a razor considering that it could harm your window. Do all of the steps above until you're performed with all of the home windows.

It might be better on the way to use this approach of tint removal all through a cloudy day since the newspaper will have a tendency to live wet for a longer time period which is finest to loosen the adhesive utilized in applying the tint. If you do not need to do the removal technique with the aid of your self and have a few cash to spare, then hire a window tinting carrier because they also can dispose of tints at an extra rate.

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