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ACF 3.5.1:

  • Fixed MacOS Packaging errors

  • Fixed root motion scalingin attack actions

  • Fixed Metero Rain Tap

  • Fixed Collisions channels in swipe trace shooting to properly hit bones

  • Fixed capsule moving afterenemy death

  • Spell projectiles now collides with world

  • Context String can be now used to override the Itemslot to be used in UseItemAction

  • Fixed Attack Action now can also sue Root Motion Scaling correctly

  • Fixed Spell Projectile not colliding with walls

TO 5.4

ACF 3.5:

  • NEW Status System: add status like poison, froze, buffs, damage over times etc. (thanks Bontakun!)

  • NEW Outline System: highlight current interactables (thanks Primal!)

  • NEW ArmorSkeletalMeshComponent: Add modular naked mody for modular character to be used when without equipment

  • NEW Added ACFLookAt animation node to have your characters automatically look their target

  • NEW Random patrolling functions for AIs

  • Improved AIs with weighted probabilitty for action decision making


  • IMPROVED all the shooting functionalities

  • ADDED Travel Player function in ALS Save & load Subsystem. Automatically autosaves ALL your player / player controller variables when transitioning between maps and reloades them

  • ADDED icons for every action for action bars

  • ADDED Camera fade components for obstacles near the camera

  • ADDED Crouch to Simple ABP

  • ADDED Damage calculation info within the damage classes

  • Full support for metasound


  • Fixed Vendor crash

  • Fixed Warp attacks sometimes missing the enemy

  • FIxed ai study targed jittering

  • Fixed Load /Save player functions in Save Subststem

  • Fixed a bug occurring when saving and reloading with stat modifier applied

  • Fixed a rotation bug when executing a Combined Animation from the back

  • Fixed Crash during warp

  • Fixed crash when missing currency component

  • Fixed OnItemAdded not firing

  • ACFConsumable constructor is now public

  • Fixed ACFEffectsManagerConstructor

  • FIXED Client chest widget not displaying

  • Proper init for niagara FXs

ATS v2.2:

  • NEW Pre Made Objectives!:


  • COMPLETE restyle of ALL WIDGETS!

  • NEW Compass Widget (Thanks Primal!)

  • NEW Icons square button for Grid inventories

  • NEW gamepad Grid Navigation

  • NEW player renderer widget

  • NEW Notification widget

  • Connected Map / Compass

  • Many quality of life improvement in all the widgets

  • FIXED audio reloading issue


  • COMPLETE UI Restyling

  • NEW Grid Invenory!

  • Level Up bar & Exp setup

  • NEW spells including: Fireball, Frozen Projectile, Frozen Area, Poison area, Meteor Storm, Firequake, healing, summoning and more

  • IMPROVED Bow shooting with IK string pullin


  • NEW Mage Enemy

  • NEW Combat animations: directional dodges, heavy attacks, sprint attack

  • STATUS effects sample with poison, froze and buffs

  • LOT of premade objectives:

ACF_InteractWithObjective_BP: Autocompleted when the player interacts with the Referenced target

ACF_KillEnemyObjective_BP: Autocompleted when the player kills the Referenced target

ACF_KillGroupObjective_BP: Autocompleted when the player kills all the enemies within the Referenced target ACFAIGroupSpawner

ACF_MultiItemCheckerObjective_BP: Autocompleted when all the provided items are in the player inventory

ACF_OnItemGathered_BP Autocompleted when the provided item is added to player inventory

ACF_ReachPointObjective_BP Autocompleted when the player reaches the reference ATS_Trigger_BP actor

ACF_RideMountObjective_BP Autocompleted when the player rides the ReferencedActor

ACF_TalkToObjective_BP Autocompleted when the player starts a dialogue with the ReferencedActor

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