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1 Attack Combos

Timing:  if the AI isn’t using the combos, it is important to match the timing between the combos in the montage and BTWaitTime parameter in the PossibleActions array element. Just like the player, the AI has to trigger the action in the correct moment. The correct time frame is the time between ACFActionSubstate and ACFNotifyExitAction.

States: each combo montage section needs to have an ACFActionSubstate, which activates the damage. It is important to also have a ACFNotifyExitAction, if this is missing the AI will get stuck in this montage section (combo) and only this combo will play.

Clear Button: montage sections should not have a “next section” set. By default this is enabled: (first is wrong, second is correct)

2 TopDown related

AimOffset: You probably won’t have an AO, so for the AnimBP to work, remove this node:

TopDown Camera View: Although not ACF related, if you just place the camera on a boom on your character, the camera will be behind your pawn. To avoid this, uncheck this settings in your SpringArm’s settings: 

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