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2.1 Project Settings

The loading system is a mechanism to present loading screens when loading a game save. To configure it, go into the project settings of your project by going to Edit->Project Settings and selecting “AscentLoadingSystem”

  1. Use Loading System - this is used to automatically display a loading widget during loading of a map

  2. Loading Screens by Map Name - This array allows you to specify specific UMG widgets (loading screens) by each Map Name (level name in UE4) so that you can present tailored widgets for each map.

2.2 Presenting the Load Screen

Loading screens will only be presented when running your game in a packaged game or in standalone mode (it will not show when running in editor window modes). It triggers automatically when calling the Load Game World function from the ALS Load and Save Subsystem. That’s it. Otherwise you can call StartLoadingScreen and RemoveLoadingScreen from ALSLoadingScreenSubsystem

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